Monday, October 25

Red Lion Hotel Publican Refuses To Serve Victorians And instead Serves Them With His Political Views

Publican Refuses To Serve Victorians

It’s a sad state of affairs when Australians start turning on one another. I recently entered a Local hotel the Red Lion Hotel (173 Woodford Rd, Elizabeth North SA 5113) to meet my family for a quick lunch and a beer.

After greeting my family I went to order a beer, I was greeted by the owner Darren who abruptly said where is your mask. To give you some context I’d just come from the dining room where no one was required to wear a mask. I promptly pulled my mask out of my pocket and said sorry.

I then Asked For a beer and this is where everything went sour very fast.

The beer I requested was VB and it stands for Victorian Bitter. Locally this beer has always gotten some negative attention in south Australia being called quite a few ridiculous names.

But what took place next was astounding.

I feel the best way to explain what happened is to give you a chat log style entry so you can make of it what you will.

  • OneWingNews: I’ll have a VB Please 🙂
  • Darren Owner: Are You Sure?
  • OneWingNews: Yeah someones got to support the Victorians. (in reference to the beer)
  • Darren Owner: Well I wouldn’t Victorians Are Ruining Our Country! Your Not Victorian Are You?
  • OneWingNews: (At this statement I was taken back, And seeing as Darren had already been rude i thought what the hell ) Yes im from victoria.
  • Darren Owner: Get Out Your Not Welcome! When did you get here!
  • OneWingNews: clam down I’m not Victorian mate.
  • Darren Owner: Silence and handed me my drink and money
  • OneWingNews: What’s your name mate Are you the manager or owner.
  • Darren Owner: Owner Yep.
  • OneWingNews: Ok mate……

While the words exchanged were not to course, the body language and intent from Darren were quite threatening and it made the situation feel very uncomfortable.

This is the state of Australia right now, where we are totally divided.

We should learn from the Americans and The American Civil War, Let’s not divide but come together. We should not turn on one another when the times get rough. This is not the Australian way. Civil debate and discourse are necessary if we are to get through this.

I should add Darren clearly has no idea living in South Australia, running his business, and making money with nothing but the restriction to make patrons wear masks.

Easy to sit there and cast stones on fellow Australians that have been locked up for over 200 days, are losing their lively hoods and at the end of this possibly be homesless.

Darren, I suggest you stop watching mainstream media Your take on Australia is very jaded.

I’d also suggest you treat Customers better.


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