Monday, October 25

Melbourne Australia Has Fallen Or Has It?

A shocking display of police aggression against the people of Melbourne was witnessed across the globe yesterday As protestors March for their freedoms.

Melbourne has been in lockdown for over 200 days, with no end in sight, It’s hard to say if the victorian government wants to keep the people on lockdown in order to stay in office or stop the spread of covid.

What unfolded in Melbourne was an absolute disgrace and has set Victoria back 100 years. ~one witness has said.

Allegedly Vicpol antagonized protestors with racial slurs, rubber bullets, bean bag shots, Tear gas, and profanity in order to rile up protestors into taking their peaceful protest to the next level, Clearly from the footage that’s been captured by multiple news outlets they got what they wanted.

As thousands marched in Melbourne to end lockdowns mask & vaccine mandates Sadly it seems their cries for help have fallen on deaf ears within the Victorian government. A government that is Allegedly dedicated to fining and jailing as many of its citizens as it can with unlawful draconian directives being enforced as law.

These scenes we saw are far from over, with protestors continuing to fight for their freedoms and ramping up their efforts to abolish lockdowns.

Only time will tell what happens to our country going forward.

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