Monday, October 25

Aussie cossack Arrested For Allegedly Breaching The Health Directives Senior Constable Kingston Has A Lot Of Explaining To Do #FreeAussieCossack

My Husband the Aussie Cossack has been arrested by the Burwood Police! The Gestapo have taken my husband away! He is a political prisoner!

Shortly after a chance meeting with Senior Constable Kingston the other day where Senior Constable Kingston made threats such as “I’m going to get you”. The Aussie Cossack has now been Arrested in his home in front of his wife this evening by Kingston on false charges that won’t stick.

You can watch this video where this story unfolded here:

Australia is in some troubling times where police powers are getting out of control and they are relishing in the new found ego boosting power trips they are allowed to enjoy with zero conciquences.

however, we at one wing news believe Senior Constable Kingston has bitten off far more than he can chew with the Aussie Cossack.

Regardless it’s clear this is just a attempt to silence the Aussie Cossack.

Use the hashtag #FreeAussieCossack

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In a great turn if events the Aussie Cossack was released on bail this morning but not without some very extreme bail conditions.

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